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CHP_Export_167708665_New Giants netball coach Michele Turk centre with Grace Nolan and Ail


Life Member

In 1999 when our Founding Member Josie Flanagan moved away from town, we were lucky to have Michele Turk take over as President, a role that she kept from when Josie left to the end of 2009 – a huge commitment! Michele’s kindness, positive attitude and dedication to our club has lasted all this time, with roles as President and on the Committee, coaching, umpiring, and being a positive influence around the club.

Garry Bentley.jpg


Life Member

Garry Bentley was instrumental in forming  the partnership with St Philip’s College, introducing junior Giants to the ASNA competition. Garry was supported by other staff members from St Philip’s, parents and families to coach, umpire, coordinate uniforms and help all our young players to access netball here in Alice Springs. This connection is still strong today with a number of our committee, coaches and players coming from St Philip’s.

CHP_Export_43279735_Giants coach David Yeaman during the Alice Springs Netball Association


Life Member

David joined our club in 1996 to become our A Grade coach. David brought many years of experience with coaching at a  high level and remained one of our coaches for over 20 years before retiring from committees in 2021. Over the years, he also became a Life Member of the Alice Springs Netball Association and Netball Australia, as well as continuing with umpiring and coaching on National and state levels. David's wisdom and generosity is inspirational.

Fit Young Man


Life Member

Andrea was instrumental in forming and develop the partnership with St Philip’s College as well as assuming many roles within the club. Andrea, a wonderful player herself, was a great organiser and helped all of our junior teams to coordinate training, be fitted with uniforms, helped keep all the payments and young people ready to play. Andrea continues to be a huge supporter of our club and has many great memories of playing, coaching, and members from over the years. Unfortunately injuries stop her from playing – she very much would like to!

Confident Young Woman


Life Member

Elissa had been with our club from a very young member, and helped out in many areas. She played in our A Grade squad, held many positions on our Committee, including being President, and was a wonderful influence around our club. In her later years at the club she coached and was such a positive and helpful person to be around!

CHP_Export_20561727_Giants Crystal Pollitt makes contact with Seasons Jordan Manu-Preston_


Life Member

Crystal’s presence of the past years in terms of contributions to our teams, coaching, and Giants spirit is very hard to replicate. Crystal was wonderful player and had a great impact on our club and the members, constantly upholding the Giants’ spirit in the way she conducted herself on and off the court. Her long standing membership and support continues with her company Barkn’Bath being one of our great club sponsors.

CHP_Export_119392662_Giants Anna Ritchie defends against Federals Chloe Isaacson during Sa


Life Member

Anna made a big impact on the club in the early 2000s. She has always been a wonderful player and her influence in the centre court helped our A Grade team make a mark in the competition. She was recognised for her sportsmanship and kindness through multiple Player’s Player awards through ASNA, and was one of our best umpires. Her years as President and support of the club by being on the committee for many years is very missed!

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